William Spyropoulos
Greek American Day School

It is with pleasure and pride that I welcome you to the William Spyropoulos School.

This institution with its strong foundation serves as a seedling of the Hellenic Orthodox Paedeia, holds steadily the torch of knowledge and guides the new generation of Greek-Americans preparing them to confront the challenges of their society.

While academic excellence, character development and strong faith are stressed and religiously practiced, an extraordinarily nurturing and caring approach to education guides our youth and helps them reach their goals.  In this institution our youngsters’ minds and souls are nourished in the prairies of Christian love.

Here the apophthegms “Know Thyself”, “Pursue Excellence” and “Love One Another” have become a way of life.

Knowing that the world thirsts for human values, we vigilantly prepare citizens with ideas, knowledge, Hellenic ethos and nobility.

Once, Plutarch said that education is the only divine and immortal.  This education, this paedeia is what we are determined to transmit to our youth.

Under the guidance of our spiritual fathers, with a strong leadership by the School Board and administration, with certified teachers, many of whom have post graduate degrees and the support of the P.T.A., our school offers a great education to our youngsters.



Athena Kromidas